150 years 'De Poort'


150 years 'De Poort'

It's Port van Cleve's birthday! For 150 years we have been part of Amsterdam's rich history. Crusial moments in history where Die Port van Cleve has left its mark.

In 1868 the Hulscher brothers reached an agreement with G.A. Heineken. They combined the old steam beer brewery "De Hooiberg" with the adjacent warehouses to establish the beer house "Die Port van Cleve", which opened its doors for the first time on September 5, 1870.

Overwhelming success ensured brand awareness even outside the fences of Amsterdam. Guests came from afar to enjoy a delicious beer in Die Port van Cleve. The demand for food for the drinks increased, after Heineken moved its brewery, there was room for expansion and the restaurant could be added.

In 1880 the Hulscher brothers bought a new building, next to "De Poort", on July 3, 1880 Bodega "de Blauwe Parade" was opened. A large tile panel was designed by the director of the Rijksmuseum. The tableau shows a parade of children and simulates the historical triumphs of the Golden Age in honor of Emperor Maximilian. The emperor can be recognized by his crown and the three crosses on his chest.

Progressive vision was also a top priority for Die Port van Cleve. It was not customary for ladies to enter the room where the gentlemen had their drinks. For example, the garden had been realized for them to be able to stay while the gentlemen were looking for refreshments inside. Unfortunately this was only short-lived, in 1885 the garden was closed.

In 1910 at the 40th anniversary they thought it was time for a change. There was a renovation and at that time a modern restaurant was realized on the first floor. A relaxed atmosphere with a lot of privacy for the guests. You did not had to tae the stairs as an elevator was placed on sight. .

Anyone who goes back in time will of course encounter De Poort's "Echo". At that time many people could not read or write. How do you place your order? Right, that was just shouted through to the "echo" who received the order and repeated it for the kitchen to make the order. Very loud but effective. The dishes were served very quickly by this entertaining spectacle. Until now you can enjoy our famous "numbered steak" . Back in the day they numbered them because the waiters could not write or read. The numbers are still being used, so reserve your spot in Hulschers to taste our delicious steak yourself and imagine yourself back in time.

History has not always been glamorous, but Die Port van Cleve had a helping hand for everyone who needed it. During the war the kitchen was used as a soup kitchen. So many mouths were lightly filled to get through the war together.

To this day Hotel Die Port van cleve continues to write history. All these stories are bundled in our anniversary magazine. If you are interested in a magazine, please contact us.